Zilis CBD Oil Review

Are you looking to buy CBD products online? This review will provide all the information you need to make the right purchase for you.

In the following review, you’ll learn about the products they sell. In addition, we’ll explore the online reputation behind this company.

About Zilis CBD

The company name is pronounced /za-lease/, and means ‘multiplying nutrition’ in Swahili. It was founded in 2015 and operates a Pay It Forward program. 

Zilis CBD Logo
Zilis – the Ultra Company

As the maker of Ultra products, this company is based out of Argyle, TX and Praha, Czech Republic. You can reach them at 214-705-3702 or email them via support@zilis.com.

An added bonus is the Patriot Program that they offer for veterans. In addition, they sell hemp-free products called Ultra boosters.

Keep in mind, this business does make some big claims about its products, and it lacks scientific evidence. For example, they claim that the Ultra products have significantly more bioavailability that non-formulated varieties. To clarify, a study is mentioned, but no citation or references were found.

The business is active on major social media platforms. They have over 19,000 likes on Facebook and just under 5000 followers on instagram under zilisproducts.

Does Zilis CBD Have a Good Reputation?

The reviews of this company are a little mixed. Unfortunately, there are some concerning factors. Such as the MLM structure of this business and its prices. 

The company also employs a medical advisory board, filled with highly educated individuals. In fact, the advisory board is chaired by Marielle Weintraub, PhD, and comprised of medical professionals from around the nation.

You can find them reviewed on Trustpilot, although there are few reviews. That said, there are positive reviews like these:

Trust pilot review of Zilis CBD
Zilis CBD Review on Trustpilot

Positive reviews on Google are 

google reviews of Zilis CBD
Zilis CBD Reviews on Google

In summary, the prices are expensive, but they are selling water-soluble products. For those who don’t know, CBD is a lipid and usually comes with carrier oils. What this means, is that these products don’t mix well into watery substances.

And so, several companies are creating water-soluble versions of CBD products using advanced technology. These water-soluble oils that are great for adding to any drink at home.

Furthermore, several people online did express concerns about them being a MLM, while others defended the brand. As a consumer, your focus is on the quality of products, and the company does seem to do that well.

What Does Zilis CBD Sell?

All of the company’s hemp products contain less than 0.3% THC. Keep in mind that you’ll need to create an account to fully explore these products. Unfortunately, this barrier makes it hard to compare products before committing to make an account with the business.

Ultracell CBD Products

Ultracell – Water Soluble, Full Spectrum CBD Oil – available in lemon, berry, and raw.

Powder – Mix this citris-flavoured, water-soluble product into any beverage. 

UltraCBG – A full-spectrum water soluble CBG oil, flavoured with hibiscus extract. 

Pet Product – Same great ingredients, but for your pet. Filled with wild-caught salmon oil. 

Topical – With essential oils, this cream contains the same great CBD extract. It is available in 2oz and mini sizes.

Ultra Boosters

Ultra Boosters are Hemp-free products also offered by the company. Products include:

Ultraburn – A weight loss support offering
Ultraedge – Intended to stimulate your brain
Ultadream – Meant for that nighttime dose before bed
Ultraedge – energy-boosting product

Where to Get Zillis CBD Products

You can buy their products online via mail-order across the USA. Also, you can buy these products via third-party sellers throughout the country. Contact Zilis to see if you can get these products shipped to you.


In summary, concerns about the company being an MLM may hold validity. That said, they sell a variety of well-branded products for you. Furthermore, the product claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

All in all, this company is worth giving a look. That said, the product offerings are aesthetically pleasing, although they may be expensive. If you’re a veteran, the company’s Patriot Program may just be right for you.