Purely CBD Review

When it comes to buying CBD products, you have lots of options out there. In this review, we’ll learn about one of those options, Purely CBD.

You’ll discover all about this brand, including its reputation and CBD products sold. By the end of this review, you’ll know whether or not this brand is right for you. 

About Purely CBD

Logo for Purely CBD
PurelyCBD Logo

The company creates its CBD oils and other products using all-natural ingredients. Furthermore, the focus is on control over quality, taste, and results. 

In addition, all product batches are third-party tested for CBD and THC content. The business opened its first store in September 2018, in Arlington, Texas. In addition, the hemp-based products have high concentrations of CBD based on these tests. 

The company is active on social media, on Facebook and Instagram. They have over 1000 followers on Insta at purelycbd, and have over 1800 likes on Facebook.

You can reach the business by email at contact@purelycbd.net, or by phone at (682)410-0142. They also have a contact page on their website. 

Does Purely CBD Have a Good Reputation?

As we mentioned already, the company uses third-party testing on its CBD product. This is a must-see for any credible CBD seller. Beyond that, there are some positive signs for the products sold. 

You’d see positive reviews if you were to search online. We found positive reviews on Reddit, such as these.

Reddit comments about Purely CBD
PurelyCBD comments on Reddit

There are some highly positive reviews of this brand on Trustpilot. You can find a sample below. 

Trust pilot PurelyCBD Reviews
Purely CBD Reviews on Trustpilot

What Does Purely CBD Sell?

The business sells a variety of full-spectrum (under 0.3% THC) and broad-spectrum (NO THC) CBD products. To repeat, all of these products have associated laboratory results to assess potency accurately. 

In addition, one great aspect of the following products is the fact that they are water soluble. In fact, this means that you can add them to just about any food or beverage you’d like. 

Water Solubles

Water-soluble CBD – The company claims that these fast-acting products can take effect as quickly as 5-7 minutes. That said, the effects may not last as long as oil tinctures. 

Natural CBD Water Soluble – 300mg or 600 mg – broad-spectrum and unflavoured CBD product offering.

Grape CBD Water Soluble – 300mg or 600mg – Combines purified water, CBD, terpene-rich oils, and natural grape aromas.

Piña Colada CBD Water Soluble – 300mg or 600mg- Broad-spectrum product with natural coconut and pineapple aromas.

Multi-use Tinctures

These tinctures are Broad Spectrum (No THC), with high CBD content oil. The company uses a small amount of MCT oil as the necessary carrier substance. 

Pineapple Express CBD – 250 mg  – Complete with sweet, tropical, cedar, and citrus aromas. 

Gorilla Glue #4 CBD – 250 mg – Filled with pungent earth and pine aromas.

Durban Poison CBD – 250 mg – sweet, sour, earthy piney, and citrusy aromas

Oil Tinctures

All tinctures contain no preservatives and are third-party tested for CBD and THC content. Inside, you’ll find MCT oil, CBD extract, and terpene-rich oil. In addition, they all come in the following sizes: 250mg, 500mg, 750mg, and 1500mg. 

Natural CBD Oil Tincture – the all-natural flavour. 

Orange CBD Oil Tincture – Filled with natural orange aromas.

Mint CBD Oil Tincture – Made using atural mint aromas

Blueberry CBD Oil Tincture – Made with natural blueberry aromas.

Cinnamon CBD Oil Tincture – Filled with natural cinnamon aromas.

Piña Colada CBD Oil – Loaded with natural pineapple and coconut. aromas.

Mint CBD Oil Tincture –  Made with natural mint aromas.

CBD Beauty Products

Topical Re-Leaf Cream – Comes in the following sizes: 150 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 1500 mg

Pet Products

Pet CBD Oil Tincture – Same great CBD, but inside suitable for your pet. 

Where to Get Purely CBD Products

Products are available at retail stores in numerous states, mostly in Eastern states and Texas. Moreover, you can buy products online via mail-order. 


In summary, you’ll find CBD oil and water-soluble tinctures in a variety of flavours and sizes. Beyond that, they have some basic beauty and pet products.

Although the website is a little bit clunky to use, the products seem good. In fact, the branding is aesthetically appealing. In addition, the independent laboratory results help reassure you that you’re getting what you pay for.