Procana CBD Review

Are you trying to find the right CBD brand for you? Well, this review is going to help you learn what you need to know about Procana CBD.

By the end of this article, you’ll discover what products they sell, what reputation they have online, and more. Ensure you’re buying the right CBD product for you with this review. 

About Procana CBD

The company was founded in 2013, focusing on cannabinoid research and development. I fact, they help provide controlled dosage applications of its CBD products.

The business pledges to advocate, educate and communicate the power of cannabinoid therapy. In fact, they do have a good information page with lots of contact to peruse. 

The company laboratory is located in Beverly Hills, California. Also, they have an office in Northern Ireland. 

Logo for Procana CBD
Procana CBD

Also, you can reach them via phone at (844) PROCANA. Or you can contact them via email Finally, you can reach them on the company contact us page on their website. 

The business is active on social media, with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Specifically, they have over 2350 followers on Instagram and nearly 700 followers on Facebook

Does Procana CBD Have a Good Reputation?

Unfortunately, there are only a few positives to note about this company. First, all products are manufactured in the USA to cGMP standards.

Furthermore, all products are lab tested, seen on each product page.

Procana CBD Label

In fact, each product comes with a QR code so you can look up more information about what’s inside. As you’ll see below

Moreover, there are very few comments made online to help us determine what consumers think about the products. One example found on Reddit can be seen below.

Reddit Procana CBD comments
Procana CBD comments on Reddit

While the business does share a wide variety of products, it is difficult to find consumer responses online to help determine quality. And so, consider this before buying.

What Does Procana CBD Sell?

The company sells a vast variety of products with all sorts of options to help you find the right product for you.


Balance – 240 mg / Tincture | 8 mg / serving – The sublingual drops can be used as a food additive

Complete – 600 mg / Tincture – Each serving contains 20mg of CBD

Ultra – 1500 mg / Tincture | 50 mg / serving – Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and CBD Isolate

CBD | CBG 1:1 – 600 mg / dropper | 20 mg / serving – Each Dropper serving contains 10mg of CBD and 10mg of CBG

CBD PM Night-Time – 450 mg / Tincture | 15 mg / serving – Contains 90 mg Melatonin / bottle or 3 mg / serving

Hemp Spectrum+ – 1500 mg / Tincture | 50 mg / serving – Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Whole Plant Hemp Extract

HEMP Excel+ – 3000 mg / Tincture | 100 mg / serving – rich in other phytocannabinoids and terpenes infused with Hemp Seed oil

CBD Softgels

The company produces all of the tinctures described above in softgel form. Furthermore, the vegan softgels are made from gelatin, glycerin, and water

Hemp Omega – 30000 mg / bottle | 500 mg / softgel –

CBD PM Night-Time – 450 mg / bottle | 15 mg / softgel

Balance – 240 mg / bottle | 8 mg / softgel

Complete – 600 mg / bottle | 20 mg / softgel

Ultra – 1500 mg / bottle | 50 mg / softgel

CBD | CBG 1:1 – 600 mg / bottle | 20 mg / serving

Hemp Advanced – 2700 mg / bottle | 90 mg / softgel

Spectrum+ 1500 mg / bottle | 50 mg / softgel

Excel+ 3000 mg / bottle | 100 mg / softgel


Disposable Vaporizer – Classic OG, Fresh Menthol, Tangie, and Smooth Vanilla – Each disposable vaporizer contains 200mg of CBD with all natural oils, terpenes and organic flavors

Vape Cartridges

CBD Vape Cartridge – Fresh Menthol, Smooth Vanilla, Classic OG, and Tangie – Each 0.5g cartridge contains 200mg CBD with all natural oils and organic flavors

CBD Gummies 

Balance Fruit Chews – 10 mg – 300 mg / bottle | 10 mg / chew – Available in strawberry, grape, and orange flavors

Balance Fruit Chews – 25 mg – 750 mg / bottle | 25 mg / chew – Made with Natural fruit flavors (vegan) and uses no no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners

For Pets 

Vet Formula – 240 mg / bottle | 8 mg / softgel – Made with Softgel capsule (gelatin, glycerin, water), grapeseed oil, and CBD isolate

Mini Breed Dog & Cat CBD (Up to 12 pounds) – Suitable for Humans and Animals and flavored with Organic Peanut Butter

Small Breed Dog CBD (12-25 pounds) – Contains 4mg CBD per serving

Medium Breed Dog CBD (25-50 pounds) – Contains 6mg CBD per serving

Large Breed Dog CBD (50-100 pounds) – Contains 7mg CBD per serving

Extra Large Breed Dog CBD (100+ pounds) – Contains 8mg CBD per serving

CBG Products 

Cannabigerol (CBG) Tincture – Made with pure isolated CBG derived from hemp

CBG softgel – Made with vegan softgel capsules containing gelatin, glycerin, and water


CBD+Arnica Roll-On – 250 and 500 mg – Contains Menthol cooling agent, Arnica Montana extract and CBD

CBD+Arnica Spray – 375 and 700 mg – Same product but in delivered in a spray for convenient application

Where to Get Procana CBD Products

You can order these products via mail-order in all American States. Moreover, you can buy them from retail stores throughout the US. 


In summary, the company provides a good variety of CBD products, as well as those with CBG. They certainly have plenty of options to explore

Overall, there are few reviews online and so we are unable to determine the quality behind these products. Keep this in mind while considering which CBD product is right for you.