Green Compass CBD Review

Welcome to the guide to everything you need to know about Green Compass CBD and its products. Notably, you’ll learn about who they are, what they sell, and what people are saying about the CBD products.

This review will explore their full-spectrum products, including extracts, refined isolate, topicals, pet products, soaks. Lastly, you’ll learn about where to buy these CBD products.

About Green Compass CBD

Green Compass CBD is based out of Wilmington, NC. Also, they have a UK office in London. In addition, you can contact them at 833-33-MYCBD in America and +44 20 3885 0456 in the United Kingdom. Similarly, if you prefer email, you can reach them at

Green Compass CBD
Green Compass CBD

 The company slogan is to sow the greater good. In fact, they use organically grown hemp using strict sustainability and cultivation practices. Likewise, they use 100% American-grown hemp and an extremely detailed quality-control process. Ultimately, this is said to result in pure, safe, and effective CBD products. 

Furthermore, they offer a flat-rate of $9.99 on all shipping and handling of orders. You can learn more about them on their Facebook page, @greencompassglobal, which has over 5500 likes. Likewise, they also are on Instagram under greencompassglobal and on Twitter under @GreenCompassCBD. 

Does Green Compass CBD Have a Good Reputation?

According to the company, the products they sell are certified USDA Organic. Unfortunately, they are no laboratory results available on the website. 

Green Compass CBD USDA Organic certification
USDA Organic Certification

Furthermore, comments made online recognize that this company uses an MLM system. That said, people claim to enjoy working for them and express belief in product quality. 

Green Compass CBD Reddit Review
Reddit Comment about Green Compass CBD

Overall, there are a lack of consumer reviews to indicate the overall level of consumer satisfaction. 

What Does Green Compass CBD Sell?

Green Compass CBD sells a variety of full-spectrum CBD products. In fact, you’ll learn about each of them below.


500mg Full Spectrum – Natural Flavor – They make this CBD product using fresh mint and hemp-derived CBD extract. Additionally, they use USDA Organic MCT Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil.

750mg Full Spectrum – Natural Flavor – Made with the same organic ingredients as above, this product use CO2 extraction to create this full-spectrum dose of CBD. 

1000mg Full Spectrum – Natural Flavor – This product is the same as above, made with over 80 cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Not to mention, these extracts contain trace amounts of THC, identified as 0.3%. 

2500mg Full Spectrum – Fresh Mint Flavor – A product that also comes in a natural flavour, it is non-psychoactive, just like you read about above. In particular, this is the companies most potent CBD extract. 

BOOST – Immune – This product is designed to be taken alongside another CBD tincture. To clarify, this product contains the terpene limonene, as well as ginger, clove, and thyme. 

Refined Isolates

500mg No THC* – Citrus Flavor – You can also buy this product with natural flavour. In summary, it is similarly made as the extracts described already, but contains no THC. 

750mg No THC* – Citrus Flavor – Likewise, this product also contains no THC and also uses organic Stevia. 


300mg Reduce Topical Pain Cream – This product one of the companies bestsellers. In general, it is said to provide a cooling sensation using a proprietary menthol blend. The active ingredients in this cream are camphor, menthol, and methyl salicylate.

Peppermint Hand & Foot Set – This combination package contains a 2oz container of hydration cream and a 4oz jar of an exfoliating scrub. Furthermore, this product is gentle enough for all skin types, including your skin. 

150mg Soothe Topical Cream – This product has a natural scent and includes Shea butter. Chiefly, the company suggests this product for those looking to soothe sore muscles and 

Topical Pain Patch – 1 Pack – Inside this patch is 20mg of full-spectrum CBD that provides quick and effective results that last for up to 96 hours. Moreover, the patch is water-resistant and includes Lidocaine as an active ingredient. 

Topical Pain Patch – 3 Pack – Instead of one, this pack comes with 3 of these full spectrum patches. In terms of other ingredients, the company uses Aloe Vera, citrus essential oil, eucalyptus oil, and menthol.

Peppermint Lip Balm Pack – This lip balm provides hydration to lips to soften your skin. Mainly, the product contains Peppermint essential oil, sunflower seed oil, and beeswax. 

For Pets

250mg Pet Tincture – Natural Flavor – This pet tincture has no THC. Still, it does include the other high-quality ingredients use in other products. Specifically, the product comes with a dropper to provide your adult dog or other mammal pet their dose. 

500mg Pet Tincture – Bacon Flavor – What pet doesn’t love bacon? This product is the same as above but includes natural smoked hickory flavouring. 


Soaks Essential Bath Bomb – Rest (Box of 2) – All of these bath bombs contain 35mg of CBD isolate. Also, this product comes infused with chamomile and lavender essential oil. 

Soaks Essential Bath Bomb – Relax (Box of 2) – This product comes with a minty and fresh scent provided by eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils.

Soaks Essential Bath Bomb – Refresh (Box of 2) – Finally, this bath bomb contains orange and Frankincense essential oils to provide a sweet and earthy scent. 


CF Small T-shirt – For Child Fund International in all the sizes you could need

Hand Sanitizer with 100mg CBD Hemp Extract – Pack of 2 – This is a sign of the times. You can also purchase this natural antibacterial product. Specifically, it contains an essential oil blend, including blood orange, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil. 

Where to Get Green Compass CBD Products

All products can be purchased for mail-order through the website and via online cannabis sites across Canada. Green Compass CBD products are available throughout the USA as well, via mail-order websites. 


There is a lack of reviews to use for a more robust understanding of Green Compass CBD’s products. Also, the lack of laboratory testing results is concerning. That said, branding and packaging are attractive, and people do seem to like the products.