CBD Lion Review

Are you having trouble deciding between the CBD brands out there? Fortunately, this CBD Lion review will tell you what you need to know to make good purchases.  

To be sure, we’ll explore the company’s reputation, products, and find out where you buy the CBD products. 

About CBD Lion

CBD lion has a big focus on education and quality. In fact, they have great educational content about CBD products. Also, they make products in a ISO 7 certified lab. 

CBD Lion Logo
CBD Lion Logo

This family-owned company is based out of Mundelein, Illinois. You can reach them by phone at (833) 223-2329 or via email at info@CBDLION.com.

The business offers FREE same day shipping on all US orders placed before 3pm CST. 

The company provides laboratory results for all products. Moreover, they come with a QR code to take you directly to the 3rd party test results page.

They are active on social media. The business has over 19000 followers on Instagram under cbdlion. Finally, they have over 2000 likes on Facebook.

Does CBDLion Have a Good Reputation?

The reviews on the company website are very positive, but take them with a grain of salt. Overall, the business tends to receive positive reviews online.

You can find at least one review on Trustpilot, including this one.

CBDlion single review found on trustpilot
CBDLion review on trustpilot

You’ll also find some positive reviews on Reddit, such as this one

CBD lion reviews on Reddit
CBDlion review on Reddit

What Does CBDLion Sell?

The company sells a wide variety of CBD products for you. You’ll find a product offering for just about every situation. 

Bath Bombs

Each bath bomb contains 100mg of organic, non-gmo Hemp. Furthermore, we’ll highlight the unique all-natural flavours below. In addition, the ingredients include baking soda, citric acid, sunflower oil, organic shea butter, sea salt, and pure isolated hemp extract.

100mg CBD Bath Bomb options:
Charcoal –  activated charcoal
Citrus – orange fragrance
Eucalyptus – eucalyptus oil
Lavender – lavender oil
Rosé – rose fragrance
5-Pack – All five scents in one package


All of the tinctures contain no THC. In addition, they are gluten-free, vegan, and non-gmo. Finally, they are all 3rd party lab tested in a ISO 7 certified laboratory. 

250MG CBD Tincture 15mL – The most basic product offering

500MG CBD Tincture 30mL – made with CBD & MCT oil.

500MG CBD Tincture Flavored – 15mL – The PM mix has Blueberry and Grape flavouring. 

1000MG CBD Tincture Flavored – 30mL – The AM mixture contains strawberry and lemon.

33.3mg/mL CBD Tincture:
1000mg Tincture per 30ml Bottle
2000mg Tincture per 60ml Bottle
4000mg Tincture per 120ml Bottle

66.7mg/mL CBD Tincture:
2000mg Tincture per 30ml Bottle
4000mg Tincture per 60ml Bottle
8000mg Tincture per 120ml Bottle

166.7mg/mL CBD Tincture:
5000mg Tincture per 30ml Bottle
10,000mg Tincture per 60ml Bottle
20,000mg Tincture per 120ml Bottle


300MG CBD Lotion – You can get your daily topical dose of CBD with this cream.

1000mg CBD Roll On – This product is easy to apply with roll-on technology.

900MG CBD Lotion – These lotions from with Vitamin E and Vitamin C for your skin.


500MG CBD Gummies – Raspberry – with all the benefits of the company’s CBD extracts, these gummies are organic and vegan,

500MG CBD Gummies – Strawberry – The company infuses the flavour, not just sprays it on their gummies.  

Pet Tinctures

250MG CBD Pet Tincture – Just like with their other products, comes with zero THC and 4rd party lab testing.

500MG CBD Pet Tincture – Just as organic, vegan, and gluten-free. 

Disposable Vape Pens

CBD Distillate Vape Pen 500mg – Made with CBD hemp extract, they pens pack a punch.

50MG CBD 0.5mL Disposable Vape Pen – With all the same benefits of their other products, these disposable pens are filled with CBD.

Disposable Vape Cartridges

150mg CBD Vape Cartridge I Disposable 0.5ml – comes with a Ceramic core and is compatible with 510 thread batteries (not included). Moreover, the carts are available in all 10 flavours, and contain no artificial flavours or VG/PG.

420mg CBD Vape Cartridge I Disposable 1ml – Has all the features described above, just in a larger dosage. Finally, all you’ll find inside is MCT oil, CBD, and terpenes. 


0.5G CBD Shatter (Vape) – Contains 480mg CBD in this half gram, infused with terpenes. Furthermore, this product is available in all 10 flavors. 

1 gram CBD Shatter (Vape) –  Same as above but with a bigger punch. As above, this product only contains CBD and terpenes, with no VG/PG or artificial flavours. 

 CBD Isolate 

1G CBD Isolate – This isolate is great for those who want to make their own fomulations. In addition, each contains 99+% pure CBD Isolate.

Combo Packs

1000mg CBD Tincture & 1000mg CBD Roll-On – Combination of two great products.

1000mg CBD Tincture & 900mg CBD Lotion – Save a bit by combining these two CBD products.


CBD Sports Tape 10′ Roll (480mg CBD) – Contains 2% menthaol and 4% lidocaine

CBD Patch 4-pack (40mg CBD) – Each patch features 10mg of CBD and lasts for up to 48-hours. 

CBD Sports Tape 10″x2 (80mg CBD) – CBD Sports Tape – Contains 40mg of CBD in a time-release formulation for long-lasting results. 

Where to Get CBD Lion Products

They have retail locations throughout the USA. You’ll find a store locator on their website. Notably, vape pens and vape cartridges are not available in Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington,


The company offers a great selection of products, including several unique offerings. Overall, the review online indicate lots of positives.

The independent laboratory results and associated QR codes are a great feature for all consumers of CBD. With a well-designed website, this business has lots to offer.